The “Energetics of Food”

The “Energetics of Food”

The Energetics of Food is a study of the science of nature. Traditional peoples throughout the world were intimately connected to their natural environment and through this relationship they learned and applied the laws and principles of nature to all aspect of their lives. Eventually as knowledge increased this traditional wisdom became the scientific and philosophical foundation of the many natural healing arts we are so familiar with today. By combining ancient wisdom with modern nutritional research we can again learn the true meaning of the phrase, “Why you are what you eat.”

Morning Session

  • Introduction: The progress of modern nutritional science and how it compares with ancient traditional wisdom. Confirmations of ancient science with modern nutritional analysis.
  • The Fundamental Principles of Food Energetics
  • The importance of quality and quantity in food.
  • Identity and character defined by growth, development, and environment.
  • Energetic Temperaments of Foods and their effects.
  • Food Rhythms and the effect on Physiology/Psychology.
  • The Dynamics of Food Transformation (Cooking, Fermenting…)
  • Perspectives on controversial Diets and Foods.

Afternoon Session

  • Dietary Wisdom In The Golden Spiral
  • The Energetics of Macro and Micro Nutrition.
  • Plant and animal realms (grains, beans, vegetables, animal…)
  • The mysterious origins of agriculture.
  • The hidden history of plant cultivation and pastoralism.
  • Herbs, Spices, condiments, fats and oils.
  • Wise and sensible food choices for maximum health benefits.

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Fifteen minute question sessions pertaining to material being covered will be held at one hour intervals.

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