Steve Gagné

Steve sees himself as an ordinary man investigating extraordinary information.

An independent investigator/researcher, and alternative historian, Steve is one of the most versatile and experienced teachers in whole foods nutrition. His 30 years of teaching throughout America and Europe have earned him a reputation as a progressive and informed wholistic educator who brings a lively, innovative intelligence to his work.

Steve is especially well known as an expert in Food Energetics, where ancient wisdom and dietary traditions merge with modern perspectives and breakthrough research in nutritional science.

Steve’s long-standing fascination with theories of human origins and his passion for cultural dietary traditions have led him through exhaustive studies in multiple disciplines, both conventional and alternative, and have taken him all over the globe. Unconvinced by the accepted theory of human origins, Steve decided to investigate traditional cultures and the remains of ancient civilizations by experiencing them first hand. Over the past decade, he has embarked on a series of globe-circling expeditions to pursue his research.

These years of research and experience have made it increasingly clear that traditional peoples across the globe are intimately linked by a consistent thread woven through their myths and legends, architecture, astronomy and food traditions. This comprehensive understanding of art and culture, revealed through a wealth of evidence from lost civilizations, extends deep into prehistory–much further back than was originally thought possible.

Today Steve divides his time between continuing his investigations and speaking to audiences around the world about his discoveries–about our extraordinary hidden heritage, commonsense whole-foods nutrition and the need to reevaluate some of our modern dietary and scientific trends.

Steve is the author of the book Food Energetics.

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